Two Beans and a Farm, Mernda, Victoria, Australia

It twas the day of the big fight between McGregor and Mayweather. A friend and I decided to go watch the fight at the pub although when we got there it was chaos, people everywhere. We couldn’t even get a car park, cars lined up on both sides of the road. After doing a lap I gave up and we ended up going to Two Beans and a Farm.

If anyone knows the Epping/Mernda area in Victoria, or even if you’ve never even heard of those places just picture it as growing suburbia so to find this little farmhouse at the back of a housing estate was incredible. I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

This place sources it’s own produce and uses only local ingredients. It also displays local artwork and products which you are able to purchase. The food is Spanish inspired and just simply delicous.

I highly recommend getting the Grilled Chicken Breast with Spicy Chorizo Salsa. It was the most delicious Spanish dish I’ve ever tasted. Despite the fact I’ve only had Spanish cuisine once or twice in my life, I now have very high expectations.

Unfortunately they were out of the chips that came with my meal so I got mine with the baked potato and boy am I glad I did. I don’t know what it would’ve tasted like if I got what it originally came with but this was just yummy. My mouth is starting to drool just thinking about it.

Your hosts are incredibly friendly and very proud of their establisbment. We didn’t book but i would highly recommend doing so. We were just lucky they had a table free. It is definitely more of a couples place as it’s set in an old country house the rooms are very small with tables rather close together.

So if your in the northern suburbs of Victoria I couldn’t recommend this place enough for a nice Sunday lunch.

KT xxx

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