Paris in a weekend


I didn’t realise it had been 8 months since I took my trip to Paris! This post is long overdue and to be honest it’s been sitting in my drafts for a longggg time but I’ve finally been able to get around to finishing it off and sharing it with the world.

My boyfriend and I went to Paris for a couple of nights in the middle of March. We were supposed to be there for Christmas but not everything always goes to plan so we decided to reschedule and go in March instead.

It’s called the city of love and you really cannot help but see why. Apart from being there with my boyfriend, you just get lost in the streets, the old architecture, the different quarters and the food.

Paris can have a bit of a bad wrap for being a dirty city and the people aren’t very nice. But I can definitely say that I did not find Paris to be any dirtier than any other city I’ve been too. Actually there was hardly any rubbish on the ground, it was quite nice. The people, well it’s just like anywhere you go, there’s nice people who are interested in your accent and where you’re from and then there are others who would of course prefer to speak their own language. I think that as long as you have the basics down (hello, thank-you, please etc) then you should be alright.

I’m lucky enough to have been to Paris twice and each time with different people and different in seasons so this post is a bit of a compilation of both.

Paris in March is a bit strange. March is like the layover month between Winter and Spring. No one has their stalls out along the river, it’s a bit rainy and the trees are still bare from the Winter. I’m not making it sound very appealing am I? But the major up side which makes it worth it is that it isn’t peak season. There aren’t thousands of other tourists wanting to go to all the same places you are and they aren’t clogging up the streets. It’s amazing how much nicer it is not having to worry about walking into someone when you turn a corner in a busy street.

Paris in August on the other hand is peak tourist season. It’s the middle of summer and it’s hot. The sun shining every day is wonderful. I highly recommend carrying a bottle of water everywhere as when you are walking through the quarters there isn’t always a shop available. My advice is buy water whenever you can.

If it’s a nice day in Paris you might be tempted to walk all the way from Notre Dame up366 the the Champs Elsyees and then over to the Eiffel Tower. It’s a lovely walk especially going along the river when everyone is out with their stalls but do bring comfy shoes. I wore converse shoes because well they go with everything but i would highly recommend running shoes otherwise you’ll be paying for it in the morning.

For a nice, romantic dinner we booked a table at Le Grand Colbert which is a lovely French restaurant. It is definitely not cheap but the food was incredible. I only wish I had better quality photos of the food than I do because the photos just do not do it justice. The meal was not cheap by any means, we also splurged and got a bottle of wine but how often do you get to dress up and go out for a nice French meal?!

Paris isn’t the cheapest city in the world to buy clothes in. So if your planning on going out somewhere romantic or a nice night out, remember to take your own clothes otherwise you’ll spend all day like I did walking around shopping. Although if you do have a bit of money then check out the Abercrombie & Fitch store on the Champs Elyseeys. The entrance is at the back of the building and when you walk around it feels like your entering a secret entrance. The walkway is definitely a Instagram opportunity so if you’re looking for that perfect shot, look no further.

Our main day in Paris


We really only had 1 full day in Paris which we didn’t plan very well. The plan was to go to the Catacombes but of course it was closed on our only full day. Instead we made our way down to Luxemburg Palace. It was a chilly day and while the gardens were nice, they weren’t in full bloom. I do think it was a lovely place to visit, but if you can, I think in the warmer months might be better.


Our next stop was the Pantheon which is just a short walk from Luxemburg Palace. This building had roadworks out the front which did ruin the beauty of the building. You could easily get lost here walking through and admiring the architecture.

Although we had only done 2 things that is the morning gone. We made the walk back to our hotel stopping of at the Notre Damn along the way. I have never managed to go inside as I didn’t want to stand in the line that went around the block, but I would highly recommend waiting in that line as I do regret not going in. 326

In know this post is a little bit all over the place and definitely not my best work. But I did enjoy reminiscing but both my trips. I’m sure there are so many more things I can say about my trips but I’ve drawn a blank.

Paris really is a wonderful city, with great views and great sights and I highly recommend making it a destination for your next trip.

KT xx

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